Company History

"TA TUNG" originated from the chapter of Great Harmony (TA TUNG) in Liji-Liyun. It is an ideal world in Chinese thoughts, and its connotation is a beautiful society in which families live in harmony and help each other. "TaTung Aluminum “ is a company founded with the philosophy and spirit. All the managers have been able to pay their passion and expecta- tion for the society. Since in 1969, we have paid attention to the needs of everyone to consider every detail of the window. We innovate through the continued research and test.

" Do the best make your family better. "
is the motivation for TTA’s group to work hard.
Management policy and prospects
  • The management policy is "equal quality of products and meet customer needs "and meet the requirements of this business policy with the business model of "each holds fast to his own position and Company-wide Quality Control."
  • The core business of TaTung is expected of "first-class team, first-class talent". TaTung is based on the premise of “take care employees and achieve sustainable business”. TaTung is engaged in the manufacture of aluminum extrusion、door and window products. In order to conform to the trend of the market and manufacture high-quality products, TaTung well-planned in the equip- ment renewal and purchased inspection equipment.
  • In order to develop the advanced technology for building materials and industrial aluminum extrusion, TaTung recruited professional talents at home and abroad. We look forward to providing customers with the most advanced and high-quality services and being a sustainable business.






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